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Grip-All Clampstick "Shotgun"

Model  C-M1867

    Manufacturer recommends test     and calibration every 12 months.


Probe Tip

Model 30100-G-02 (Standard 3.5")

** Probe included with AC Voltmeters or sold separately

Large Tool Box

Model 10263-P-04

Everything shown below (and more) can fit into this heavy-duty, custom cut 

foam- lined carrying case!

Items shown - sold separately: Meter and phasing probe, full set of hot sticks, coiled cable, rubber bushing adapter, regular bushing adapter, shepherds hook and probe, hot stick wipes, shot gun adapters and meter instructions.

Regular Bushing Adapter

Model 50111-G-01

Rubber Sided Bushing Adapter

Model 50111-G-03


1/2 set of hot sticks (3)
Full set of hot sticks (6)

Hot Sticks

Product Summary/Options

  • All STB Hot Sticks are made to order in sizes from 1' - 12'

  • STB manufactures the 17″ sticks that fit into the STB carrying case and attach to STB units.

  • Three sticks screwed together and attached to one of our units provides the worker approximately 6' of clearance from the test point

  • Choice of adapters (i.e. quick change or universal)

  • STB quick change adapters are assembled as a cap style for our exclusive insert. Advantage - insert creates a perfectly flush, matted smooth surface when connecting end to end equaling strength and stability

  • Meets specifications of Spec. MIL-1-16103

  • Order a half or full set of hot sticks alone or as part of an STB unit package

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Proof Tester w/Post 


5-15kV, 15-25kV and 15-50kV AC/DC Voltmeters come with a proof tester with post

Proof Tester 

​Model 30120-G-01

Gray test box included with phasing voltmeters up to 50kV, voltmeters up to 50kV and sensors (voltage detectors) up to 50kV.  

Plastic Grip-All Universal Adapter

Model 10101-P-02

9-36 Phasing Cable

Model 30109-G-03

Aluminum Universal Adapter

Model 10275-P-01

Coiled Cable

Model 30109-G-01

Shepherd's Hook

Model 30100-G-01 (Standard 2.5")

** Hook included with Phasing Voltmeters or sold separately

Shot Gun Adapter

Model 30142-P-01