• This case comes standard when any ground fault detector or clamp-on ammeter is ordered.

  • Case shown above may be ordered separately.(Model #10263-P-05)
  • This case comes standard with any phasing voltmeter or voltage sensor without hot sticks.

  • Case shown above may be ordered separately. (Model #10263-P-03)

Replace your broken, worn out, tool box with one of these sturdy, custom cut, foam-lined carrying cases.

  • This deluxe case comes standard when a phasing set with hot sticks is ordered. The model 9-36kV phasing voltmeter is being shown above.

  • Case above may be ordered separately.             (Model #10263-P-04)

Everything shown here can fit into this deluxe,   heavy-duty, custom cut, foam-lined carrying case shown above.

Large Carrying Case/Tool Box

Model #10263-P-04

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Call Us: (530)823-5111