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Reliable Equipment

Reliable Equipment is a specialty tool distributor and manufacturer supplying quality products throughout the United States with over 27 years of experience manufacturing custom equipment for the Power Utility Industry.

Larson's Skin Care

Larson's Heavy Duty is a highly concentrated blend of pure healing ingredients. Developed to soothe pain, protect against infection and restore healthy new skin. Larson's is guaranteed to repair even the toughest damaged skin - fast.

Utility Solutions

Utility Solutions is a designer and manufacturer of hot line tools and associated products to solve operating problems encountered by utility field personnel.

Relton Corporation

Hammer Bits, Rotary Bits, Rebar Cutters, Forged Hammer Tools, Hole Saws, Porcelain Cutters Kits, Specialty Items and Cutting Fluids.

Wright Tool

Heavy-duty hand tools you have come to depend on in industries such as Refinery, Power Generation, Distribution & Transmission, Mining and Wind Turbines.



Locator Technology- two different utility locator systems, Auger Boring, Moleing, Vacuums, Skid Steer Attachments and custom machines.



Recorders, Signal Generators, Component Measuring, Environmental Measuring, Data Loggers, Safety Testing, Power Meters, Clamp Testers, Clamp Sensors and more.



Ventilation, portable air conditioning, blowers, heaters, confined space, manhole tools, duct rod, safety lights, manhole shields and guards, industrial tents, shelters and more.

Dillon Quality Plus

Extreme Digital Dynamometer, ED-Junior Dynamometer, AP Mechanical Dynamometer; Quick-CHeck Tension Meter and Crane Scales.



Specialists in Measurement, Monitoring, Recording and Control of Current, Power and Energy. Current and Potential Transformers, Transducers and Accessories.

OshKosh Tools

Shovels, spades and spoons

                                Distribution Products

Rubber goods, testing equipment, safety equipment and more.

STB stocks or supplies items from many distributors some of which are listed below. If you don't see what you are looking for, call our sales department. We supply everything linemen need. Please contact us with requests for pricing and availability.


Hy-Tech Machine, Inc.

Hy-Tech creates quality replacement parts for pneumatic tools while offering its own value added line of ATP brand Air Tools.

Summit Technology

PowerSight Measurement Products

PowerSight family of electric power analyzers, extensive capabilities as demand analyzers, harmonic analyzers, power quality analyzers, power meters and data loggers. They come in 7 languages!

H.J. Arnett

Industries, L.L.C.

The White Knight, Flagship Check Meter, Mega Beast, Super Beast, The Pinpointer, D.C. Scout and the Squirrely.

High Voltage

Cable fault locators, Thumpers, Oil Testers, AC and DC Hipots,

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