BREAK-SAFE Load Break & Pick-up Tool-Jumper clamp that functions like a portable switch designed to operate on overhead distribution lines in conjunction with a mechanical jumper. 

BREAK-SAFE 600 Load Break & Pick-up Tool- Operational Voltage 7.2kV-27kV maximum. Load break and load pick-up rating 600 Amp maximum. Configured with floating head for gloves installation and removal. 

LOAD-RANGER XLT Load Break Tool-Available in two models from 27kV to 38kV 900 amp

Load Break Tools allow line workers to repair electric power distribution lines. A load break tool creates a safe method of opening a circuit by controlling the arc that is created. This line of tools is the latest and most current technology available. These tools are lighter, safer and offer more flexibility than any other in the industry. 

Load Break & Pick-up Tools by Utility Solutions, Inc. 

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Call Us: (530)823-5111