Call Us: (530)823-5111

Call Us: (530)823-5111

Wildfire, Galvanized Metal Fire Backpack Pump

Model #DBS-90G

  • Heavy-gauge galvanized metal tank, very durable
  • Shaped to fit comfortably on the back
  • Large cam lock cap with gasket facilities filling and cleaning
  • Weighs 14lbs (empty), holds 5 gallons of water
  • Replacement parts available through special order
  • Huskie Tools
  • SL-Line
  • REC-Line Batter Powered Compression Tools
  • Battery & Charger
  • Hydraulic Compression Tools
  • Dies & Gauges
  • Hydraulic & Manual Cutting Tools
  • Hydraulic Pumps & Punches

If you need your Huskie tools repaired or replaced, we can do it!

Huskie Tools

Spoons, Spades, Cant Hooks and more made by Oshkosh Tool Company, Inc.

10' and 12' Master Shovel (**WP) with ash handle

  • 10" carbon steel blades with boron
  • Forged in special straight pattern - heat treated
  • Handles contain footage markers to indicate the depth of the hole

**(WP) Western Pattern Blades are designed for harder, clay-like soil. (EP) Eastern Pattern Blades are designed for lighter, sandier soil conditions. All shovels are tested for strength, balance, hardness, finish and workmanship. Replacement parts and non-conductive handles available upon request.

Also available: Can Hooks, Pole Cradles, Digging Bars, Lug Hooks, Post Hole Diggers, Tamp Bars, Reels, Tree Trimmers, Pike Poles, Short Handle Shovels, Poly Handles, Tongs and Peavles.

Outdoor Tools & Fire Equipment

Pulaski Axe #85270

Combination axe and grub hoe for chopping, grubbing and digging fire lines 

 in brushy, rocky terrain. 36" wood handle

*Leather sheaths and replacement handles also available

Options: DBS-9092-0 Vehicle mounting brackets, enamel steel base with mounting hardware and hold down strap- Fits all models

DBS-905 Stainless Steel Version