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Pulaski Axe #85270

Combination axe and grub hoe for chopping, grubbing and digging fire lines 

 in brushy, rocky terrain. 36" wood handle

*Leather sheaths and replacement handles also available

Options: DBS-9092-0 Vehicle mounting brackets, enamel steel base with mounting hardware and hold down strap- Fits all models

DBS-905 Stainless Steel Version 

Spoons, Spades, Cant Hooks and more made by Oshkosh Tool Company, Inc.

10' and 12' Master Shovel (**WP) with ash handle

  • 10" carbon steel blades with boron
  • Forged in special straight pattern - heat treated
  • Handles contain footage markers to indicate the depth of the hole

**(WP) Western Pattern Blades are designed for harder, clay-like soil. (EP) Eastern Pattern Blades are designed for lighter, sandier soil conditions. All shovels are tested for strength, balance, hardness, finish and workmanship. Replacement parts and non-conductive handles available upon request.

Also available: Can Hooks, Pole Cradles, Digging Bars, Lug Hooks, Post Hole Diggers, Tamp Bars, Reels, Tree Trimmers, Pike Poles, Short Handle Shovels, Poly Handles, Tongs and Peavles.

Outdoor Tools & Fire Equipment

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Wildfire, Galvanized Metal Fire Backpack Pump

Model #DBS-90G

  • Heavy-gauge galvanized metal tank, very durable
  • Shaped to fit comfortably on the back
  • Large cam lock cap with gasket facilities filling and cleaning
  • Weighs 14lbs (empty), holds 5 gallons of water
  • Replacement parts available through special order
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