How To Get Those Hard-To-Find High Voltage Lineman Tools


You rely on your equipment to get your job done accurately and safely. When that equipment depends on hard-to-find or specialty parts and tools, knowing how to order more in a pinch can be crucial. Here’s how to get your hands on any lineman tools you need to get your job done! 

Sourcing Specialty High Voltage Tools

#1: Know what you need, and how challenging it will be to find it.

When you’re shopping around, look at what’s in stock regularly, and what will need to be ordered. Just because a product isn’t listed on the website, doesn’t mean it’s completely unavailable.

#2: Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Get in touch. If you’re not exactly sure what the best solution to the issue you’re dealing with would be, reach out. Our chatbot is always manned during business hours, and of course, we’re always available for a phone call.

#3: Get a competitive quote.

Once you know what product you’re looking for, get a quote. Submit a quick form or make a phone call and you’ll hear back within 1 business day. 

#4: Make sure you’ll get your product on time. 

We offer a 2 week turnaround time on our orders, with expedited shipping available, whereas a lot of other companies can go as long as 4 weeks before you’ll get your products. When your job depends on your equipment, it’s important to make sure you’ll have it on time. 

#5: Work with the same people.

Once you know where to get those hard-to-find high voltage tools, working with the same company to re-order when it comes time makes the process much easier. 

You rely on your lineman tools to get your job done right. Make sure you’re working with a reliable partner to get the equipment you need and have it tested regularly.