Repair & Test Equipment Calibration Services

Most products need to be evaluated and calibrated every 12 months. We’re happy to provide extensive repair and test equipment calibration services.  


We offer in-house calibration of any of our STB equipment or comparable equipment from another manufacturer. 

In-house repairs of STB equipment, or comparable equipment from another manufacturer. This service requires a one-hour minimum.

If we can’t fix it, we are happy to have it done for you. Please request a quote and we will get an RMA from the manufacturer.

You depend on your rubber goods to keep yourself and your team safe. We offer testing on all of our rubber goods. If a product fails, we will test the replacement for free. An automatic rubber goods replacement plan is available upon written request.

Rubber Glove Testing

Quantity of 1-25: $11.50/pair
Quantity of 26-49: $10.80/pair
Quantity of 50+: $10.20/pair
Replacement boxes: $3.50 each

Rubber Sleeve Testing

Replacement boxes are $7.75 each.


Rubber Blanket Testing

Testing of 36”x36” blankets.
Quantity of 1-25: $12.00 each.
Quantity of 26+: $11.50 each.
Odd sizes are $12.50 each.

Miscellaneous Rubber Testing

Hoses, connectors, barriers, hoods, etc.
$11.85 each.


Rubber boots or overshoes

Receive a new meter by trading in your old one from STB or another brand. You’ll receive a trade-in offer of $150 towards a new STB meter! Get rush service for a fee of just $50. An evaluation fee of $45 may be charged.

Testing for a single ground cable.

We also repair cables including replacing cable, ferrules, heat shrink and clamps.

Testing for a single ground cluster.

We also repair parts like the cable, ferrules, heat shrink and clamps.

By-Pass Jumper Water Tests start at $55.00 each. Get a quote for more specific pricing information.

We can repair your jumpers for you once we’ve evaluated them.

Ensure your fiberglass hot sticks and shotgun are in the best working hour with our thorough cleaning and testing services.

We can replace parts on hot sticks and shot guns. Refurbishing is available, please ask for a quote.

You need bucket liners that are up for any high-stress job. Regular testing makes sure they are.

Taking a safety-first approach to your equipment is vital in this industry. Make sure your Arc Flash Gear is inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.

Need new? We can get it for you!

Other Services Available

We have a range of other services available to you, including fiberglass refurbishing and reconditioning and utility tool repair and reconditioning for load break tools and other equipment.