9-36kV Phasing Voltmeter

Manufacturer recommends test and calibration every 12 months.


Provides safe and convenient testing means for paralleling 3-phase high voltage circuits

Consists of two resistance elements connected in series with an indicating meter in the series connection

Two ranges, 9kV and 36kV, with a range selector switch mounted on the back of the meter housing

Switch is clearly marked for the range of the voltmeter

Typical use: Line-to-ground voltage measurements and phase for paralelling operations

Scale markings on the voltmeter have a minimum of divisions and the figures are large enough to be easily read 8′-10′ away when mounted on a suitable hot stick

Input impedance: Approximately 72 megohms

Maximum operating temperature range -20°F to 165°F (-30°C to 75°C)

Ready to attach on hot stick

10′ cable, a proof tester, battery and shepherd’s hook and probe tip included

Model Number: 50101-G-07
Description: Phasing Voltmeter 9-36kV
Weight: 16lbs

Model Number: 50101-G-08
Description: Phasing Voltmeter 9-36kV with Hot Sticks (full set – 6)
Weight: 21lbs