DC Voltmeter

Manufacturer recommends test and calibration every 12 months.


Lightweight, easy to use, hand-held meter

Hard wired unit

Scaled 0-1500vDC, in 100 volt increments

Provides a 2/3 full scale deflection when applied across 1000vDC

Maximum current flow through instrument at 1000vDC is 0.05 milliamperes

No polarity, sensitivity issues

May be used to determine whether the third rail of a transit system is energized

Input impedance of approximately 24 megohm

Maximum operating temperature range -20°F to 165°F (-30° C to 75°C)

Model Number: 50100-G-01
Description: 0-2kV DC Voltmeter 30’ cable, magnetic track adapter

Model Number: 50100-G-02
Description: 0-1500kV DC Voltage Meter

Model Number: 50100-G-03
Description: 0-1500kV DC Voltage Meter with Hot Sticks

Model Number: 50100-G-04
Description: DC Voltmeter 1500kV DC w/Extension Probe and Ground Lead

Model Number: 50100-G-05
Description: 0-1500V DC with Hot Sticks and Lighted Dial

Model Number: 50100-G-06
Description: 0-1500 DC Voltage Meter with Lighted Dial