Drain Tool with Resistor

Drain Tool w/Resistor

Sturdy, lightweight and easy to use
Approximately 50″ in length
Customizable ground cable length
Resistor attached for extra safety
Designed to drain the voltage capacitated lines or other voltage retaining sources after the lines have been de-energized
Lines should be checked with a voltage detector after the lines have been de-energized and before and after the drain tool is used to make sure the voltage has been drained off
Not designed for continuous use and should not be left on lines when they are energized


Resistor Specifications
Length and Diameter: 6″ x 1″
Type: 887AS..DS
Resistance (Ohms): 1000
Average Power @ 40 degrees celsius: 50 watts
Peak* Energy: 13,000 Joules
Peak* Voltage**: 30,000 volts