Ground : Jumper Assembly Tester

Ground / Jumper Assembly Tester

This tester is designed to test in-service grounding and jumpering cable assemblies. Regular periodic use will ensure that jumper assemblies perform as designed for personnel safety. The tester is completely self-contained, portable, and sets up in seconds. Any standard 120 volts grounded outlet will provide power to the tester.

  • A reference chart is provided for #2, 1/0, 2/0, and 4/0 Str. Cu. cables of specific lengths to determine correct test values
  • A built-in digital meter allows the operator to easily input the correct voltage specified on the reference chart for various sizes and lengths of cable
  • A built-in digital ammeter tells the operator if the assembly is in good working condition
  • Test electrodes are available to fit a variety of grounding equipment including elbows, grounding bushings, and ball socket clamps
  • Maximum voltage output is limited to protect the operator
  • Pressure-sensitive inspection labels are available to tag cables after testing