Leather Protectors

Leather Protectors

Leather protectors provide maximum protection and are designed to fit comfortably over your insulating gloves. They protect the rubber from abrasions, cuts and punctures.


Leathers come in many different styles and are manufactured in cowhide, goat or pigskin. They meet ASTM F696 and EN338 requirements.

It is easy to determine which protectors to order. It depends on which class of rubber glove is being worn.

Classes 0 and 00 gloves must have leather protectors that are a minimum of a 1/2″ shorter than the edge of the cuff of the rubber gloves. For example, if a worker wears an 11″, class 0 glove, the leather protector to order would be the 10″ class 0 protector.

Class 1 requires a minimum of 1″
Class 2 requires a minimum of 2″
Class 3 requires a minimum of 3″
Class 4 requires a minimum of 4″