First Aid Kit

First aid kit designed for high-risk work environments.

Wildfire, Galvanized Metal Fire Backpack Pump

Heavy-gauge galvanized metal tank, very durable Shaped to fit comfortably on the back Large cam lock cap with gasket facilities filling and cleaning Weighs 14lbs (empty), holds 5 gallons of water Replacement parts available through special order

Rubber Insulating Gloves

Rubber Insulating Gloves are designed to protect anyone working with high-voltage. They are the most important articles of person protection for electrical workers.

Leather Protectors

Leather protectors provide maximum protection and are designed to fit comfortably over your insulating gloves. They protect the rubber from abrasions, cuts and punctures.

Canvas Storage Bags

A selection of bags to store your safety gear. Choose from a glove bag, glove and sleeve combo bags, and a sleeve bag.

Rubber Sleeves

Salisbury’s Rubber Insulating Sleeves extend protective coverage from the rubber glove’s cuff to the shoulder. Insulating sleeves provide maximum protection for your arms and shoulders.

Rubber Blankets

Complies with ASTM D1048 Available in Type 1 or Type II SALCOR Various sizes and color combinations available High or low voltage styles Solid or slotted Hook and pile closure With or without eyelets

Line Hoses and Barriers

The Salisbury line hose is the most widely used and convenient way of protecting linemen from electrical hazards.