Ground / Jumper Assembly Tester

This tester is designed to test in-service grounding and jumpering cable assemblies. Regular periodic use will ensure that jumper assemblies perform as designed for personnel safety. The tester is completely self-contained, portable, and sets up in seconds. Any standard 120 volts grounded outlet will provide power to the tester.


Attaching the clamp to the grounding cable requires the use of a ferrule. Ferrules are compressed on the strands of the cable to provide a low resistance permanent connection. The size of the ferrule is determined by the size of the cable. Ferrules are available in aluminum or plated copper. Plated copper ferrules can be …

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Protective Grounding Set Tester

Self-contained, portable convenience. This tester provides an easy way for an electric utility to check the resistance in protective grounding sets used by line personnel. Powered by 120 VAC, the tester applies Direct Current across the test specimen.

Ground Cables

Sizes available including #2, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, or 4/0. Cable jacket available in clear, yellow, or black.

Chance Alum. Duckbill Clamp

.57″ Aluminum smooth bronze upper Smooth jaw w/ eyescrew Bronze Pressure-Type Terminal ASTM Grade 3 Max. use: 2/0 Cable w/ Plain Terminal

Chance Duckbill Clamp

Serrated alum. jaws w/eyescrew ASTM Grade 5H 1.506″ (38 mm)- 0.162″ (4 mm) Max. use: 4/0 cable w/threaded terminal 5/8″-11 Thread

Chance Bronze “C” Clamp

Max. use: 1/0 Cable with threaded terminal Smooth jaw w/eyescrew Bronze threaded terminal ASTM Grade 2 0.814″ (21 mm)- 0.162″ (4 mm)

Chance “C” Clamp

8″ Bronze body, Smooth jaws T-handle/eyescrew with fine threads Tapped for 5/8-11 UNC

Salisbury Alum. “C” Clamp

Acme Thread Eye bolt w/o strain relief sleeve 2″ Smooth jaw-spring loaded (1035.5 KCM ACSR to #6 main line range), ASTM Grade 5 / Class B, rated 43kA (for 15 cycles) / 30kA (for 30 cycles). Accepts up to 4/0 AWG grounding cable. Continuous Current Rating: 400 RMS Amps, 60 Hz

Salisbury Alum. “C” Clamp

Acme Thread Eye bolt w/strain relief sleeve Smooth Jaw w/ Flat Lower Jaw for Substation Buses Main Line Range: (3″ – 1.5″ I.P.S.) ASTM Grade 5H / Class A, rated 43kA (for 15 cycles) / 30kA (for 30 cycles). Accepts up to 4/0 AWG grounding cable.