Phase Rotation Indicator

From the company who builds the popular analog ground fault detector comes the newest phase rotation indicator on the market. No other manufacturer offers a phase rotation indicator like STB’s DX2 that will read up to 5kV! The phase rotation indicator is used to determine the phase sequence of three-phase voltages. This meter is most commonly used for phasing-in a power line which has supplied power to motors and plants. It is essential for testing departments of public utility systems for laboratory and field testing. The convenient and durable carrying case allows user to safely transport the unit to wherever the job takes them.


Module A slides and snaps into module B enabling the meter to read up to 5kV (4160 systems)
Module A used alone reads 220v to 800v
Unit is highly durable-nearly shatterproof
Simple design makes it easy to read
Easy-to-grip handle
Heavy duty, custom cut, foam-lined carrying case included

50109-G-DX2 Phase Rotation Indicator- (modules A and B) will read up to 5kV (4160 systems) and includes heavy duty carrying case.

50109-G-05A Phase Rotation Indicator (module A) may be ordered alone, will read 220v-800v and comes with a soft carrying case

50109-G-05B Bottom piece of DX2-if customer purchases 50109-G-05A and decides later to purchase module B separately in order to test 4160 systems they may do so. The hard case will need to be ordered to accommodate both pieces.